Do you offer crown and bridge and denture treatments?

Yes, I do offer of crown and bridge and denture treatments.

Do you offer extractions?

I do offer simple extractions to be completed at my office.

However, complex cases, including most of wisdom teeth extractions, are referred to the oral surgery specialists.

Do you offer root canal procedures?

Complicated cases are referred to the specialists. Some simple cases are offered at my office.

Do you offer implant dentistry?

Implant surgery consultations and surgery itself is done by the specialists.

Restoration of the placed implants are completed at my office.

Do you treat children?

Routine check up, cleaning, fluoride treatments and simple restorations and extractions are offered at my office.

Procedures of complex nature are referred to the appropriate specialists.

Do you offer a payment plan?

I do not offer any payment plans, although I do accept most major credit cards.